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terça-feira, 25 de março de 2014

Selected lectures from the Seventh International Congress on Mathematical Education

ICME-7    1992      Québec (Canada) 

David E Robitaille, David H. Wheeler, Carolyn Kieran

Presses de l'Universite Laval | 1994 | 380 páginas | 
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Preface p. IX Contribution de l'apprentissage de la géométrie à la formation scientifique - Gérard Audibert p. 1 Diagnostic Teaching - Alan Bell p. 19 Reading, Writing and Mathematics: Rethinking -Raffaella Borasi and Marjorie Siegel p. 35 Teachers Using Videotapes as Reference Points -John L. Clark p. 49 The Transition to Secondary School Mathematics -David Clarke p. 59 Mathematicians and Mathematical Education -Michael P. Closs p. 77 Les mathématiques comme reflet d'une culture -Jean Dhombres p. 89 Imagery and Reasoning in Mathematics and Mathematics Education - Tommy Dreyfus p. 107 Interweaving Numbers, Shapes, Statistics, and the Real World in Primary School and Primary Teacher Education - Andrejs Dunkels p. 123 Teaching Mathematics and Problem Solving to Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students - Harvey Goodstein p. 137 The Origin and Evolution of Mathematical Theories- Miguel de Guzmàn p. 147 Le calcul infinitésimal - Bernard R. Hodgson p. 157 Computer-Based Microworlds: a Radical Vision or a Trojan Mouse? - Celia Hoyles p. 171 Different Ways of Knowing: Contrasting Styles of Argument in India and the West - George Gheverghese Joseph p. 183 Mathematics Education in the Global Village : the Wedge and the Filter - Murad Jurdak p. 199 Bonuses of Understanding Mathematical Understanding - Thomas E. Kieren p. 211 Curriculum Change: An American-Dutch Perspective - Jan de Lange p. 229 Training Teachers or Educating Professionals? What are the Issues and How Are They Being Resolved? - Glenda Lappan and Sarah Theule-Lubienski p. 249 What is Discrete Mathematics and How Should We Teach It? - Jacobus H. van Lint p. 263 Intuition and Logic in Mathematics - Michael Otte p. 271 Vers une construction réaliste des nombres rationnels - Nicolas Rouche p. 285 Mathematics is a Language - Fritz Schweiger p. 297 Mathematical Thinking and Reasoning for All Students - Moving from Rhetoric to Reality - Edward A. Silver p. 311 Humanistic and Utilitarian Aspects of Mathematics - Thomas Tymoczko p. 327 From "Mathematics for Some" to "Mathematics for All" - Zalman Usiskin p. 341 On the Appreciation of Theorems by Students and Teachers - Hans-Joachim Vollrath p. 353 Geometry as an Element of Culture - Alexandr D. Alexandrov p. 365 

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