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terça-feira, 28 de maio de 2013

Reconceptualizing Early Mathematics Learning (Advances in Mathematics Education)

Lyn D. English, Joanne T. Mulligan

Springer | 2013 | 339 páginas

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This book emanated primarily from concerns that the mathematical capabilities of young children continue to receive inadequate attention in both the research and instructional arenas. Research over many years has revealed that young children have sophisticated mathematical minds and a natural eagerness to engage in a range of mathematical activities. As the chapters in this book attest, current research is showing that young children are developing complex mathematical knowledge and abstract reasoning a good deal earlier than previously thought. A range of studies in prior to school and early school settings indicate that young learners do possess cognitive capacities which, with appropriately designed and implemented learning experiences, can enable forms of reasoning not typically seen in the early years. Although there is a large and coherent body of research on individual content domains such as counting and arithmetic, there have been remarkably few studies that have attempted to describe characteristics of structural development in young students’ mathematics. Collectively, the chapters highlight the importance of providing more exciting, relevant, and challenging 21st century mathematics learning for our young students. The chapters provide a broad scope in their topics and approaches to advancing young children’s mathematical learning. They incorporate studies that highlight the importance of pattern and structure across the curriculum, studies that target particular content such as statistics, early algebra, and beginning number, and studies that consider how technology and other tools can facilitate early mathematical development. Reconceptualising the professional learning of teachers in promoting young children’s mathematics, including a consideration of the role of play, is also addressed.

Perspectives on Reconceptualizing Early Mathematics Learning . . . . . 1
Lyn D. English and Joanne T. Mulligan
Early Mathematics Learning in Perspective: Eras and Forces of Change . 5
Kristie J. Newton and Patricia A. Alexander
Early Awareness of Mathematical Pattern and Structure . . . . . . . . . 29
Joanne T. Mulligan and Michael C. Mitchelmore
Reconceptualizing Early Mathematics Learning: The Fundamental Role of Pattern and Structure . 47
Joanne T. Mulligan, Michael C. Mitchelmore, Lyn D. English, and Nathan Crevensten
Reconceptualizing Statistical Learning in the Early Years . . . . . . . . . 67
Lyn D. English
Cognitive Guidelines for the Design and Evaluation of Early Mathematics Software: The Example of MathemAntics . . . . . . . . 83
Herbert P. Ginsburg, Azadeh Jamalian, and Samantha Creighan
Rethinking Early Mathematics: What Is Research-Based Curriculum for Young Children? . . . 121
Douglas H. Clements and Julie Sarama
Reflecting on Young Children’s Mathematics Learning . . . . . . . . . . 149
Bob Perry and Sue Dockett
Practices that Support Mathematics Learning in a Play-Based Classroom 163
Anita A. Wager
Communicating About Number: Fostering Young Children’s Mathematical Orientation in the World . . . 183
Bert van Oers
A Framework for Examining Technologies and Early Mathematics Learning . 205
Kristy Goodwin and Kate Highfield
The Role of Picture Books in Young Children’s Mathematics Learning . . 227
Marja Van den Heuvel-Panhuizen and Iliada Elia
Improving Numeracy Outcomes for Young Australian Indigenous Children . . 253
Marina M. Papic
Enhancing Teacher Professional Development for Early Years Mathematics TeachersWorking in Disadvantaged Contexts . . . . . 283
Elizabeth Warren and Janine Quine
Mathematical Modeling at the Intersection of Elementary Mathematics,Art, and Engineering Education . . . 309
Heidi A. Diefes-Dux, Lindsay Whittenberg, and Roxanne McKee