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sábado, 7 de março de 2009

Famous problems of elementary geometry : the duplication of the cube, the trisection of an angle, the quadrature of the circle

Felix Klein
Hard Press | 2007 | 92 páginas | DjVu

online: (2,42 MB)

Histoire des mathématiques

Tome 1
Walter William Rouse Ball

Librairie scientifique A. Hermann |

Tome 2
Walter William Rouse Ball

Librairie scientifique A. Hermann |

Outros livros de Rouse Ball on-line em:

Mathematical Recreations and Essays

Walter William Rouse Ball


Kessinger Publishing | 2004 | 380 pages | Djvu | 14,4 MB

This classic work offers scores of stimulating, mind-expanding games and puzzles: arithmetical and geometrical problems, chessboard recreations, magic squares, map-coloring problems, cryptography and cryptanalysis, much more. "A must to add to your mathematics library" — The Mathematics Teacher.

Récréations mathématiques et problèmes des temps anciens et modernes

Walter William Rouse Ball

A. Hermann | 1907

Outros livros de Rouse Ball on-line em:


Hermann Weyl

Princeton University Press | 1952 | pdf | 21,6 Mb


Defines symmetry through a discussion of its many uses in a wide variety of fields both academic and natural.

The Mathematics of Great Amateurs

Julian Lowell Coolidge

Dover | 1949
online :

Oxford University Press | 1990 | 240 páginas (PDF | 10,1 Mb)

This unique history surveys the mathematical contributions of numerous individuals noted mainly for their groundbreaking activities in other fields. It evaluates the discoveries of such luminaries as Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, Omar Khayyam, Jan de Witt, Denis Diderot, William George Horner, Antoine Arnauld, and many others, providing fascinating information on their lives and circumstances. The book also includes a valuable introductory essay by Professor Jeremy Gray, who comments on changes that have taken place in the study of history and mathematics since the initial publication of this classic work in 1949.

The Aryabhatiya of Aryabhata: An Ancient Indian Work on Mathematics and Astronomy

traduzido por Walter Eugene Clark


Kessinger Publishing | 2006 | DjVu | 3 MB | 123 páginas