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domingo, 20 de abril de 2014

Tricks, Games, and Puzzles With Matches

Maxey Brooke

Dover Pubns | 1973 | 64 páginas | pdf | 267 kb

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With a handful of matches you can challenge yourself and your friends to match hundreds of match tricks, games and puzzles. The quipment is simple and can easily be carried with you. The tricks, games and puzzles range from the simple to the advanced. No matter how many match tricks and puzzles you have previously done you are sure to find new twists, new challenges in the puzzles in this collection.
There are classic match problems, problems by foremost puzzlers, and a number of Makey Brooke's own creations. There is match-arithmetic, where you are required to balance equations by removing or adding matches, including a few that require advanced mathematical notation. There are match spellings, match story games, tricks that involve kitchen matches, paper match books and match boxes, and simple mathematical games you can play with matches. A rich selection of match constructions, in which you are required to build, unbuild, or reconstruct squares and other geometrical units by simply moving matches, is made even richer by the inclusion of a special selection from T.R. Dawson's works. The solutions section gives complete information for solving the puzzles plus material on winning games and working the tricks.