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domingo, 16 de março de 2014

New trends in mathematics teaching, Vol. IV

The International Commission on  Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) 

UNESCO | 1979 |289 páginas | pdf


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ICME-3    1976      Karlsruhe (Germany)

The book is based  upon the preparation for and proceedings of the Third International Congress on Mathematical

Chapter I - Mathematics education at preelementary and  primary levels 
F. Colmez 
Chapter II - Mathematics education at the fast level in post- elementary and secondary schools 
A.Z. Krygowska 
Chapter III - Mathematics education at upper secondary school, college and university transition 
D.A. Quadling 
Chapter IV - Mathematics education at university level
J.H. van Lint 
Chapter V - Adult and continuing education in mathematics 
R.M. Pengelly 
Chapter VI - The education and professional life of mathematics teachers 
Michael Otte 
Chapter VII - A critical analysis of curriculum development in mathematical education 
A.G. Howson 
Chapter VIII - Methods and results of evaluation with respect to mathematics education 
Jeremy Kilpatrick Introduction 
Chapter IX - Overall goals and objectives for mathematical education 
Ubiratan D’Ambrosio 
Chapter X - Research related to the mathematical learning process 
Heinrich Bauersfeld 
Chapter XI  - A critical analysis of the use of educational technology in mathematics teaching 
Ralph T. Heimer
Chapter XII - The interaction between mathematics and other school subjects 
H.O. Pollak 
Chapter XIII - The role of algorithms and computers in teaching mathematics at school 
A. Engel 
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