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segunda-feira, 18 de junho de 2012

Knowing and Learning Mathematics for Teaching: Proceedings of a Workshop

Mathematics Teacher Preparation Content Workshop Program Steering Committee, 
Center for Education , National Research Council 

National Academies Press | 2001| 236 páginas 


There are many questions about the mathematical preparation teachers need. Recent recommendations from a variety of sources state that reforming teacher preparation in postsecondary institutions is central in providing quality mathematics education to all students. The Mathematics Teacher Preparation Content Workshop examined this problem by considering two central questions: what is the mathematical knowledge teachers need to know in order to teach well?, and how teachers can develop the mathematical knowledge they need to teach well? The Workshop activities focused on using actual acts of teaching such as examining student work, designing tasks, or posing questions, as a medium for teacher learning. The Workshop proceedings, "Knowing and Learning Mathematics for Teaching", is a collection of the papers presented, the activities, and plenary sessions that took place.