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domingo, 28 de junho de 2009

The Mathematical Education of Primary-School Teachers / The Mathematical Education of secondary school teachers of mathematics

Robert W. Morris (editor)
Studies in Mathematics Education, Volume 3

UNESCO | 1984 | 258 páginas

Descrição: Recognizing that the teacher is the key to improving any mathematics program, this volume examines the responsibility of primary school teachers for the mathematics component of the curriculum and the implications thereof for teacher education. The first two chapters focus on the responsibilities of teachers of primary mathematics and contemporary trends. The third chapter discusses the importance of the student's everyday environment as a source of problems that command attention and as a framework within which mathematics can flourish. The fourth chapter considers what actually happens in the classroom. The fifth chapter focuses on implications of calculators and computers for primary school mathematics. The next four chapters are concerned with concepts, examining the origins of conceptual difficulties children experience in mathematics, aspects of visualization in teaching geometry, spatial ability and geometry teaching in Jamaica, and the working of story problems. The next five chapters are devoted to various aspects of pre- and in-service teacher education, including assessment strategies and a pre-service project in England. The last three chapters examine support programs, including the role of teacher associations, mathematics clubs in schools and colleges of education, and the work of the Institute de recherche sur l'enseignment des mathematiques (IREMs) in France.

The Mathematical Education of secondary school teachers of mathematics
Robert W. Morris (editor)
Studies in Mathematics Education, Volume 4

UNESCO | 1985 | 175 páginas

sábado, 13 de junho de 2009

Probability and Statistics Professional Development Module for Elementary/Middle School Teachers:

A Staff Development Training Program to Implement the Virginia Standards of Learning The module is ritten by the Virginia Department of Education.


Descrição: This document introduces a staff development program designed to assist teachers in implementing the 2001 Virginia Standards of Learning for mathematics, and enhancing teachers’ content knowledge and their use of instructional strategies for teaching the probability and statistics Standards of Learning. Included in this document are a sample of meaningful and engaging explorations, problem solving, and hands-on experiences correlated to the probability and statistics strand of the grades K-5 and grades 6-8. These activities include instructional and implementation strategies for teachers, as well as training in ways to gather, represent, analyze and interpret data to guide instruction and classroom assessment.

domingo, 7 de junho de 2009

Lady or the Tiger? And Other Logic Puzzles Including a Mathematical Novel That Features Godel's Great Discovery

Raymond M. Smullyan

Random House Puzzles & Games | 1992 | 240 páginas | PDF | 3,2 Mb


The paperback reprint of Smullyan's most successful book of puzzles--a mind-bending, pleasurable romp through the world of logic. For all ages and all levels of difficulty, these puzzles range from those that can be solved in minutes to those that will beguile for hours.