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sábado, 28 de julho de 2012

The Mathematical Collage

Ronald Staszkow, Robert Bradshaw 

Custom Publishing | 2006 | 

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The Mathematical Collage has been written to meet an Associate Degree general education requirement of a mathematics course with a Beginning Algebra prerequisite. The text shows that mathematics is alive in today's world and helps students see the beauty and power of mathematics. Its contents consists of chapters on the lore of numbers, finance matters, measurement geometry and trigonometry, probability and statistics, and math in sports, It also includes Mathematical Excursions, short trips into various areas where mathematics is used, such as math and the tourist, math and the internet, math and voting, math and nursing, math and the automobile, math and cooking, math and the angler, math and the World Series of Poker.

quinta-feira, 26 de julho de 2012

Complex Numbers from A to ...Z

Titu Andreescu , Dorin Andrica

Birkhäuser Boston | 2006 | 321 páginas


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It is impossible to imagine modern mathematics without complex numbers. Complex Numbers from A to . . . Z introduces the reader to this fascinating subject that, from the time of L. Euler, has become one of the most utilized ideas in mathematics.

Mathematical Omnibus: Thirty Lectures on Classic Mathematics

Dmitry Fuchs, Serge Tabachnikov

American Mathematical Society | 465 páginas | PDF | 7 Mb
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The book consists of thirty lectures on diverse topics, covering much of the mathematical landscape rather than focusing on one area. The reader will learn numerous results that often belong to neither the standard undergraduate nor graduate curriculum and will discover connections between classical and contemporary ideas in algebra, combinatorics, geometry, and topology. The reader's effort will be rewarded in seeing the harmony of each subject. The common thread in the selected subjects is their illustration of the unity and beauty of mathematics. Most lectures contain exercises, and solutions or answers are given to selected exercises. A special feature of the book is an abundance of drawings (more than four hundred), artwork by an award-winning artist, and about a hundred portraits of mathematicians. Almost every lecture contains surprises for even the seasoned researcher.

terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2012

Minilessons for Math Practice, Grades 3-5

Rusty Bresser, Caren Holtzman

Math Solutions | 2006 | 176 páginas | PDF | 920 Kb

These two books present an innovative approach to reinforcing students' math skills. The 27 engaging lessons in each book are easy to implement, require little or no preparation, and take only 5 to 15 minutes to teach. Designed for use during transition times, the minilessons help students practice math concepts, skills, and processes by applyingthem in a variety of problem-solving contexts throughout the school day. Content areas explored include: number and operations; algebra; geometry; data analysis and probability; and measurement. Each activity includes a materials list, teaching directions, a list of key questions, and ideas for extending the activity throughout the year.

segunda-feira, 16 de julho de 2012

Reform in School Mathematics and Authentic Assessment

(SUNY Series, Reform in Mathematics Education)

Thomas A. Romberg

State University of New York Press | 1995 | 299 páginas | PDF | 2,29 Mb (password: matav)

ERIC (13,2 MB)

This volume is concerned with the alignment between the way the mathematical performance of students is assessed and the reform agenda in school mathematics. The chapters in this book have been prepared to raise a set of issues that scholars are addressing during this period of transition from traditional schooling practices toward the reform vision of school mathematics. Chapters are: (1) "Issues Related to the Development of an Authentic Assessment System for School Mathematics" (T. A. Romberg and L. D. Wilson), (2) "A Framework for Authentic Assessment in Mathematics" (S. P. Lajoie), (3) "Sources of Assessment Information for Instructional Guidance in Mathematics" (E. A. Silver and P. A. Kenney), (4) "Assessment: No Change without Problems" (J. De Lange), (5) "The Invalidity of Standardized Testing for Measuring Mathematics Achievement" (R. E. Stake), (6) "Assessment Nets: An Alternative Approach to Assessment in Mathematics Achievement" (M. Wilson), and (7) "Connecting Visions of Authentic Assessment to the Realities of Educational Practice

Preface vii
1 Issues Related to the Development of an Authentic Assessment System for School Mathematics

2 A Framework for Authentic Assessment in Mathematics

3 Sources of Assessment Information for Instructional Guidance in Mathematics

4 Assessment: No Change without Problems

5 The Invalidity of Standardized Testing for Measuring Mathematics Achievement

6 Assessment Nets: An Alternative Approach to Assessment in Mathematics Achievement

7 Connecting Visions of Authentic Assessment to the Realities of Educational Practice

Contributors 277

segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2012

Curves and Their Properties

(NCTM Classics in Mathematics Education A Series, Volume 4)

Robert C. Yates

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics | 1974 (reimpressão de 1952) | djvu | 2,6 Mb

PDF (link direto)

This volume, a reprinting of a classic first published in 1952, presents detailed discussions of 26 curves or families of curves, and 17 analytic systems of curves. For each curve the author provides a historical note, a sketch or sketches, a description of the curve, a discussion of pertinent facts, and a bibliography. Depending upon the curve, the discussion may cover defining equations, relationships with other curves (identities, derivatives, integrals), series representations, metrical properties, properties of tangents and normals, applications of the curve in physical or statistical sciences, and other relevant information. The curves described range from the familiar conic sections and trigonometric functions through the less well known Deltoid, Kieroid and Witch of Agnesi. Curve related systems described include envelopes, evolutes and pedal curves. A section on curve sketching in the coordinate plane is included.

A Handbook on Curves and their Properties (1947)


sábado, 7 de julho de 2012

Mathematics Counts: Report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Teaching of Mathematics in Schools

Dept.of Education & Science 

1982 |  328 páginas

domingo, 1 de julho de 2012

Math in Society

David Lippman

DL, LuLu | 2011 | 215 páginas | PDF | 5 Mb

online :

A survey of math for liberal arts majors. This book is a survey of contemporary mathematical topics: voting theory, weighted voting, fair division, graph theory, scheduling, growth models, finance math, statistics, and historical counting systems. Core material for each topic is covered in the main text, with additional depth available through exploration exercises appropriate for in-class, group, or individual investigation.

The text is designed so that most chapters are independent, allowing the instructor to choose a selection of topics to be covered. 
Emphasis is placed on the applicability of the mathematics. 

Voting Theory
Weighted Voting
Fair Division
Graph Theory
Growth Models
Describing Data by David Lippman, Jeff Eldridge
Historical Counting Systems by Lawrence Morales
Solutions to Selected Exercises