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terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2012

Minilessons for Math Practice, Grades 3-5

Rusty Bresser, Caren Holtzman

Math Solutions | 2006 | 176 páginas | PDF | 920 Kb

These two books present an innovative approach to reinforcing students' math skills. The 27 engaging lessons in each book are easy to implement, require little or no preparation, and take only 5 to 15 minutes to teach. Designed for use during transition times, the minilessons help students practice math concepts, skills, and processes by applyingthem in a variety of problem-solving contexts throughout the school day. Content areas explored include: number and operations; algebra; geometry; data analysis and probability; and measurement. Each activity includes a materials list, teaching directions, a list of key questions, and ideas for extending the activity throughout the year.

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