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quinta-feira, 24 de abril de 2014

The Ambitious Horse - Ancient Chinese Mathematics Problems

Lawrence Swienciki

Key Curriculum | 2000 | 135 páginas | pdf | 7,94 Mb


pdf (OCR) - 5,72 Mb - link
  • Numbers and Arithmetic includes subjects such as Chinese writing; The Calculating Rods of Ancient China: and ancient Chinese multiplication.
  • Geometry and Dissection problems includes subjects such as tangrams, the Measure of Heaven and Ancient Chinese Philosophy.
  • Algebra Integrated with Geometry includes subjects such as Square Roots; Quadratic Equations; and mathematical treats such as the "Pillar of Delightful Contemplation", the "Exalted Treasure of Jade" and the "Precious Golden Rope".
On the one hand this book is far beyond what many 7th and 8th grader students are capable of. On the other hand, it is so interesting and so well done that it might just be that this is the book that helps transforms your child from a grudging math student to an enthusiastic one!
Filled with stories, puzzles and plenty of hands-on problems, this book is a treasure. It is divided into three sections:
Answers and solutions included.
Note: The problems get more difficult as the book progresses and so can be used for several years. Suitable for a very math-able 7th grader, a solid 8th grader and to enthuse and inspire high school students