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quinta-feira, 23 de julho de 2009

Literacia Quantitativa

Quantitative literacy. Why literacy matters for schools and colleges.
Proceedings of the National Forum on Quantitative Literacy held at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. on December 1-2, 2001.
Bernard L. Madison e Lynn Arthur Steen, Editors

National Council on Education and the Disciplines | 2003

on-line: (em capítulos) (o livro num único pdf) (pdf | 3,7 Mb)

Mathematics and democracy. The case for quantitative literacy

Lynn Arthur Steen

The National Council on Education and the Discipline | 2001

on-line: (em capítulos) (o livro num único pdf)

Preface: Mathematics, Numeracy, and Democracy
Robert Orrill
The Case for Quantitative Literacy
The Quantitative Literacy Design Team
The Emergence of Numeracy
Patricia Cline Cohen
Connecting Mathematics with Reason
Joan L. Richards
Numeracy, Mathematics, and General Education
An Interview with Peter T. Ewell
Reflections on an Impoverished Education
Alan H. Schoenfeld
The Emperor’s Vanishing Clothes
Dan Kennedy
Numerical Common Sense for All
Wade Ellis, Jr.
Mathematics and Numeracy: Mutual Reinforcement
Alfred B. Manaster
Connecting Theory and Practice
An Interview with James H. Stith
Quantitative Literacy for the Next Generation
Zalman Usiskin
Encouraging Progressive Pedagogy
Larry Cuban
Achieving Numeracy:The Challenge of Implementation
Deborah Hughes-Hallett
Setting Greater Expectations for Quantitative Learning
Carol Geary Schneider
Epilogue: Embracing Numeracy
Lynn Arthur Steen