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segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2012

Curves and Their Properties

(NCTM Classics in Mathematics Education A Series, Volume 4)

Robert C. Yates

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics | 1974 (reimpressão de 1952) | djvu | 2,6 Mb

PDF (link direto)

This volume, a reprinting of a classic first published in 1952, presents detailed discussions of 26 curves or families of curves, and 17 analytic systems of curves. For each curve the author provides a historical note, a sketch or sketches, a description of the curve, a discussion of pertinent facts, and a bibliography. Depending upon the curve, the discussion may cover defining equations, relationships with other curves (identities, derivatives, integrals), series representations, metrical properties, properties of tangents and normals, applications of the curve in physical or statistical sciences, and other relevant information. The curves described range from the familiar conic sections and trigonometric functions through the less well known Deltoid, Kieroid and Witch of Agnesi. Curve related systems described include envelopes, evolutes and pedal curves. A section on curve sketching in the coordinate plane is included.

A Handbook on Curves and their Properties (1947)


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