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sábado, 1 de março de 2014

Out-of-School Mathematics Education

Robert W. Morris (editor)
Studies in Mathematics Education, Volume 6

UNESCO | 1987 | 138 páginas


Descrição: This is the sixth volume in a series designed to improve mathematics instruction by providing resource materials for those responsible for mathematics teaching. Focusing on out-of-school mathematics education, this volume presents a panorama of current practices around the world and suggests future trends. Subjects considered include: (1) "Activities Arranged for the Younger Learner"; (2) "Mathematics and the Media"; (3) "Other Sources"; and (4) a case study. The 11 chapters include: "Mathematics Clubs" (Rada-Aranda); "Mathematical Camps" (Rabijewska and Trad); "Mathematical Contests and Olympiads" (Greitzer); "National Mathematical Olympiads in Vietnam" (Le Hai Chau); "Broadcasting and the Open University of the United Kingdom" (Lovis); "Distance Education in Mathematics" (Knight); "The Education of Talented Children in Mathematics in Hungary" (Genzwein); "Mathematics in Literacy Classes" (Zepp); "Mathematics Training for Work" (Straesser); "Family Math" (Stenmark); and "Out-of-school Mathematics in Colombia" (de Losada and Marquez)

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