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sábado, 1 de março de 2014

Geometry in Schools

Robert W. Morris (editor)
Studies in Mathematics Education, Volume 5

UNESCO | 1986 | 197 páginas


Descrição: This is the fifth volume in a series designed to improve mathematics instruction by providing resource materials for those responsible for mathematics teaching. Focused on geometry in schools, it presents a panorama of current practices around the world and suggests future trends. The 14 chapters consider: "Developments in Geometry Teaching in Three Arab States" (Bannout and Hussain); "Geometry for 13-year-olds in Canada and the United States" (Robitaille and Travers); "Geometry Teaching in Latin America" (Lluis); "Geometry in Southeast Asia" (Peng-yee and Chong-keang); "Transformation Geometry in Retrospect" (Sinha); "Geometry at Secondary School Level in Sierra Leone" (Labor); "Geometry in the Primary School: What is Possible and Desirable" (Jzn); "Some Problems Concerning Teaching Geometry to Pupils Aged 10 to 14" (Koman, Kurina, and Ticha); "Teaching Geometry in the USSR" (Chernysheva, Firsov, and Teljakovskii); "The Crisis of Geometry Teaching" (Glaeser); "An Analysis of Geometry Teaching in the United Kingdom" (Fielker); "What are Some Obstacles to Learning Geometry?" (Bishop); "Teacher Education and the Teaching of Geometry" (Meserve and Meserve); and "Microcomputer-based Courses for Secondary School Plane. Geometry

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