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quarta-feira, 16 de abril de 2014

Mathematics and Measurement

 Oswald Ashton Wentworth Dilke

University of California Press | 1987 | 66 páginas

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This fully illustrated book outlines the ancient systems of mathematics and measurement and describes how they were used in mapping, surveying, telling time, trade and commerce, as well as in leisure pursuits such as games and puzzles, and in the occult.

The Background 
2 Numbering by Letters 
1 Mathematical Education in the Greek World 
4. Measurement
5 Mathematics (or the Surveyor and Architect)
6 Mapping and the Concept of Scale 
7 Telling the Time
8. Calculatioos for Trade and Commerce
9. Mathematics in Leisure Pursuits and the Occult 
10 The Sequel 
Bibliography 62

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