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terça-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2014

Why the professor can't teach: Mathematics and the dilemma of university education

St. Martin's Press | 1977 

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This was an incredible read, almost prophetic. Prof. Kline gets right down to and nails several issues, and suggests many solutions to the grim situation when it comes to not only undergrad math education but college education in general. I recommend at least the first half of the book to any prospective undergrad in any technical field, or any disgruntled graduate thinking of gradschool or beyond especially at a research institution. Entire text is highly recommended for anyone thinking of making a real difference in either K-12 or higher ed whether science or engineering


Preface 1
1 The Vicious Circle 6
2 The Rise of American Mathematics 17
3 The Nature of Current Mathematical Research 41
4 The Conflict Between Research and Teaching 70
5 The Debasement of Undergraduate Teaching 96
6 The Illiberal Mathematician 111
7 The Undefiled Mathematician 139
8 The Misdirection of High School Education 161
9 Some Light at the Beginning of the Tunnel:
Elementary Education 183
10 Follies of the Marketplace:
A Tirade on Texts 208
11 Some Mandatory Reforms 235
Bibliography 272

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