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domingo, 9 de fevereiro de 2014

Famous geometrical theorems and problems, with their history

William Whitehead Rupert

Boston, D.C. Heath & Co. | 1900


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The author, having derived much pleasure and inspiration from the brief historical notes in some of the mathematical text-books that he studied when a student in college, has thought that, by giving the history of a few of the most celebrated geometrical theorems and problems, he might place a light in the window which may throw a cheerful ray adown the long and sometimes dusty pathway that leads to geometrical truth. In the preparation of this little book most valuable assistance has been derived from Florian Cajori sHistory of Mathematics, James Gows History of Greek Mathematics, and G, J. Allmans Greek Geometry from Thales to Euclid, It is, however, toW. W.Rourse Balls reniarkably interesting Short History of Mathematics that Famous Geometrical Theorems and Problems owes the largest debt. To Professor A, D. Eisenhower, Principal of the Norristown High School, George Q.Sheppard, Professor of Mathematics, Hill School, Pottstown, Pa., Dr. George M.Philips, Principal West Chester State Normal School, and Daniel Carhart, Ce., Dean and Professor of Civil Engineering, Western University of Pennsylvania, who have read this book in manuscript, the author is indebted for valuable, suggestions and many kind words of encouragement.

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