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quarta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2014

The Essential Guide to Secondary Mathematics: Successful and enjoyable teaching and learning

 Colin Foster

Routledge | 2012 | 212 páginas 

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Combining research-based theory with fresh, practical guidance for the classroom, The Essential Guide to Secondary Mathematics is a stimulating new resource for all student and practising teachers looking for new ideas and inspiration. With an emphasis on exciting your mathematical and pedagogical passions, it focuses on the dynamics of the classroom and the process of designing and using rich mathematical tasks.
Written by a highly experienced mathematics teacher who understands the realities of the secondary classroom, this book combines insights from the latest research into mathematical learning with useful strategies and ideas for engaging teaching. The text is punctuated by frequent tasks, some mathematical and others more reflective, which are designed to encourage independent thinking. Key topics covered include:

  • Preparing yourself: thinking about mathematics and pedagogy, taking care of your health and dealing with stress
  • Different styles of learning and teaching mathematics
  • Ideas for lessons: what does it take to turn an idea into a lesson?
  • Tasks, timings and resources
  • Equality and dealing positively with difference
  • Mathematical starters, fillers and finishers: achieving variety
  • The mathematical classroom community: seating layouts, displays and practical considerations
  • Assessment: effective strategies for responding to learners‘ mathematics and writing reports.
The Essential Guide to Secondary Mathematics will be a valuable resource both for beginning teachers interested in developing their understanding, and for experienced teachers looking to re-evaluate their practice. Aiming to develop all aspects of your mathematics teaching, this book will help you to devise, adapt and implement ideas for successful and enjoyable teaching and learning.

List of illustrations vii
List of tasks ix
Acknowledgments xiv
Introduction xv
1 The mathematics teacher 1
2 Developing as a mathematics teacher 13
Preparing to teach mathematics 27
3 Preparing yourself 29
4 Learning and teaching mathematics 41
5 Ideas for lessons 53
6 Tasks, timings and resources 64
7 Equality and difference 80
8 Starters, fi llers and fi nishers 94
Teaching mathematics 107
9 A mathematical classroom community 109
10 Listening and intervening 126
11 Groups and individuals 139
12 Extending and fi nishing 149
13 Independent thinking 160
14 Assessment 172
15 Constraints 186
References 199
Index 212

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