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quinta-feira, 28 de junho de 2012

Geometric Exercises in Paper Folding

Sundara T. Row 

Chicago, The Open Court pub. co | 1917


online: (html)

PDF (link direto)

The idea of this book was suggested to me by Kindergarten Gift No. VIII. - Paper-folding. The gift consists of two hundred variously colored squares of paper, a folder, and diagrams and instructions for folding. The paper is colored and glazed on one side. The paper may, however, be of self-color, alike on both sides. In fact, any paper of moderate thickness will answer the purpose, but colored paper shows the creases better, and is more attractive. The kindergarten gift is sold by any dealers in school supplies ; but colored paper of both sorts can be had from stationery dealers. Any sheet of paper can be cut into a square as explained in the opening articles of this book, but it is neat and convenient to have the squares ready cut.

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