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quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2011

Apollonius of Perga Treatise on Conic Sections 1896

Thomas L. Heath

Introduction: pt. I. The earlier history of conic sections among the Greeks. 1. The discovery of conic sections; Menaechmus. 2. Aristaeus and Euclid. 3. Archimedes. pt. II. Introduction to the conics of Apollonius. 1. The author and his own account of the conics. 2. General characteristics. 3. The methods of Apollonius. 4. The construction of a conic by means of tangents. 5. The three-line and four-line locus. 6. The construction of a conic through five points.-Appendix: Notes on the terminology of Greek geometry.--The conics of Apollonius

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