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terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2009

The Nature and Role of Algebra in the K-14 Curriculum

Proceedings of a National Symposium
(Compass Series)
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Mathematical Sciences Education Board, National Research Council

National Academies Press | 1998 | 206 páginas


Methods of effectively teaching algebraic thinking in elementary schools as well as secondary schools is the topic of the following 19 papers. Papers include: (1) "Transforming Algebra from an Engine of Inequity to an Engine of Mathematical Power by 'Algebrafying' the K-12 Curriculum" (J. Kaput); (2) "Developing a Coherent and Focused K-12 Algebra Curriculum" (E. Phillips); (3) "Enhancing Algebraic Reasoning with Technology" (G. Akst); (4) "Algebra for Everyone? With or Without Technology?" (M. Norman); (5) "How Might Technology Enhance Algebraic Reasoning?" (R. Zbiek); (6) "What Do We Know about K-14 Students' Learning of Algebra?" (J. Confrey); (7) "Algebra: What All Students Can Learn" (S. Williams and D. Molina); (8) "Improving K-14 Algebra Instruction: A Discussion of Teachers' Responsibilities and Students' Opportunities" (B. Moore-Harris); (9) "Capturing Patterns and Functions: Variables and Joint Variation" (G. Lappan); (10) "Functions and Relations: A Unifying Theme for School Algebra in Grades 9-12" (C. Hirsch); (11) "Middle School Algebra from a Modeling Perspective" (G. Kleiman); (12) "Why Modeling Matters" (L. Godbold); (13) "Modeling: Changing the Mathematics Experience in Postsecondary Classrooms" (R. Dance); (14) "Algebraic Structure in the Mathematics of Elementary-School Children" (C. Tierney); (15) "Structure in School Algebra (Middle School)" (M. van Reeuwijk); (16) "The Role of Algebraic Structure in the Mathematics Curriculum of Grades 11-14" (G. Foley); (17) "Language and Representation in Algebra: A View from the Middle" (R. Billstein); (18) "Teaching Algebra: Lessons Learned by a Curriculum Developer" (D. Resek); and (19) "The Nature and Role of Algebra: Language and Representation" (D. Hughes Hallett). (ASK)

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