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sexta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2009

The World of Mathematics

4 Volumes
James R. Newman

 George Allen & Unwin  | 1956 | Djvu | 9 + 7,7 + 24,3 + 23,8 Mb

Vol 1:


Vol. 1 of a monumental 4-volume set includes a general survey of mathematics; historical and biographical information on prominent mathematicians throughout history; material on arithmetic, numbers and the art of counting, and the mathematics of space and motion. Includes commentary by noted mathematics scholar James R. Newman. Features numerous figures.

Vol 2:

pdf | 32,8 Mb

Vol. 2 of a monumental 4-volume set covers mathematics and the physical world, mathematics and social science, and the laws of chance, with non-technical essays by and about scores of eminent mathematicians, economists, scientists, and others. Individual articles by Galileo Galilei, Gregor Mendel, Thomas Robert Malthus, and many more.  Includes numerous figures.

pdf | 30,4 Mb

Vol. 3 of a monumental 4-volume set covers such topics as statistics and the design of experiments, group theory, the mathematics of infinity, the unreasonableness of mathematics, the vocabulary of mathematics, and mathematics as an art. Includes contributions by Jacob Bernoulli, George Bernard Shaw, Bertrand Russell, Hans Hahn, Ernst Mach, Hermann Weyl, and many others.

Vol 4:

pdf | 25,1 Mb

Vol. 4 of a monumental 4-volume set covers such topics as mathematical machines, mathematics in warfare, a mathematical theory of art, mathematics of the good, mathematics in literature, mathematics and music, and amusements, puzzles, and fancies. Individual contributions by A. M. Turing, Aldous Huxley, Sir James Jeans, Lewis Carroll, and other notables.

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